14-03-2018 Kadhala Kadhala-Vijay tv Serial-Episode 197

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Kadhala Kadhala 14-03-2018 Vijay tv Serial | 14-03-2018 Kadhala Kadhala Vijay tv serials | Star Vijay Tv Kadhala Kadhala 14th March 2018

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Vijay tv Serial Kadhala Kadhala 14th March 2018 Episode 197

The story is about the lives of a rich business family in Mumbai, the Oberoi family who faced difficult and challenging situations from time to time. Kalyani Oberoi is the matriarch of the family who resides in Oberoi mansion with her sons, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren. Tej, the elder son, is married to Jhanvi and has three children, Omkara Rudra and Priyanka. Tej has an affair with his secretary, Svetlana which caused Jhanvi to drink. Omkara hates his father. Rudra is a flirtatious guy. Priyanka whom gets nervous easily. Shakti, Tej’s younger brother, is married to Pinky. They have one son, Shivaay, who is the eldest son and the face of the Oberoi’s industry. Shivaay is a business tycoon with a strict personality that matches his uncle, Tej. He is arrogant, snobbish and judges people on the basis of their lineage and social status, rather than their personality or work.

Shivaay comes across a middle-class girl, Anika, who loves her young adoptive brother Sahil, who needs crutches to walk. Shivaay and Anika are always engaged in cat fights because of their differences in opinions and class. But due to misunderstandings, Shivaay hated to Anika. Later, Shivaay forces Anika to marry him as his fiancé runs away, for saving family reputation. After all problem & misunderstands clear, they get together. Now they suffer from new kind of problems, but they love each other. Other side, Gauri enters in Omkara’s life. Both get married due to unforeseen circumstances, but due to misunderstandings, Omkara develops hatred for Gauri. Subsequently, they both develop feelings for each other but are faced with many hurdles. Rudra and Saumya’s relationship could not survive even after too many attempts, so Saumya leaves him, after parting as friends and moves on with her life to Australia. Then, Rudra meets Bhavya – an undercover officer at his friend’s wedding. Bhavya decides to use Rudra for her secret mission, and ends up falling for him. Every day, Oberoi’s facing difficult and challenges moment, but they fix problem with together’s by each other.